Ethics Statement

Welcome to my blog where I write a mixture of stories, thoughts, and poetry. Despite that, this blog is a digital interface, and it has the chance to display anything from my own words to any other digital resource. As an author of this blog and as an academic student, I know it is my responsibility  that when using external resources such as photos, music, videos, or articles, I will post a reference to the source or author of the information I may use or display as I have no desire to plagiarize out of respect for copyright or any other creative or personal rights. I will try my best to post links and references to trusted sources as well as keep my information truthful to the best of my knowledge. I have no intent to advertise for any business or event unless it is in relation to a topic I write about, nor broadcast any other information about any party other than my own content on my blog. My blog is not created to intend to harmfully target any person, group, or organization and will likely remain a creative outlet as a story blog. I will, however, note that my written content may contain an ideal or a message that is creatively expressed that could conflict with other ideals or beliefs.


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