Blog Purpose

Dear Reader,

The purpose of this blog is for both academic and creative use. I have a passion for writing short stories and occasional poetry (lyrical or otherwise), however this blog shall serve as an outlet for any new short stories I will write or major revisions that I care to share for any previous short stories I had written but never refined (I will post the original with them).
It is my sincere hope in doing this is to add peer review to the writing process which some of these stories have had since their originals, but not for any of the revisions, so this works for both the old and the new.

I wish to share any progress I have made with my readers as I do hope to publish a bundle of these various stories some day. I have selected some short stories for my classes this mid-spring through mid-summer semester, or “Spring 2” as Empire State College of SUNY describes, and some that I have started fresh. Though short stories are my primary goal, I would also like to mix it up with some other works I have experimented with such as some story-based poetry and a couple series of lyrics with a central theme to see them reach fruition as their own works.

Thank you for your reviews and time,

A. Shaw


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