Digital Story Project – M3: “Collaborating for a Cause” [Blog Entry]

Dear Reader,

Here is my group’s video as it was during the time of submission. What is more, however, I am placing our citations below the video as they were not originally included in the assignment’s submission.

Image 1: Captured by Sara M. Gross, Group Leader.
Image 2:   bee46. Beach Sunrise Wallpaper. Digital image. Superb Wallpapers. 22 Feb. 2014. Web.
Image 3:  Associated Press. Pollution in Rio’s Bay Poses Challenge to Olympics. Digital image. Fox News: Latino. 6 Sept. 2011. Web.
Image 4:  Bricor Water-Conservation Mission. Digital image. Bricor: Water and Energy Technology. 10 Aug. 2012. Web.
Image 5:  Pothikai. Environment Types of Pollution*. Digital image. Web. *Translated Title.
Image 6:  Dirty Water Going Into Ocean. Digital image. The Open Daily: Los Angelos – Eco-Living. 2 Feb. 2010. Web.
Image 7:  Flores, Demian. Australia vs. Korea vs. Japan: No-Smoking Signs at Beaches. Digital image. 3 June 2013. Web.
Image 8:  Mayer, Isabela. Smoking Prohibited on Italian Beach. Digital image. Tobacco Reviews. 8 Aug. 2011. Web.
Image 9:  Hanak, Paul. “No Smoking” Rules Starting in North Myrtle Beach. Digital image. CondoLux. 7 Mar. 2012. Web.
Image 10:  Lucadamo, Kathleen. Butt Out! City Sun Bathers and Park Lovers Will Breathe Easier with New Smoking Ban Starting Monday. Digital image. NY Daily News. 22 May 2011. Web. Victor Chu, Photographer.
Image 11:  Maui Bans Smoking in Beaches and Parks. Digital image. – Environment. 29 Apr. 2014. Web.
Image 12:  POOH. Do Not Throw Cigarette Butts!*. Digital image. 29 Apr. 2014. Web. *Translated Title.
Image 13:  Harding, Mike. Happy Earth Day. Digital image. Musings from the Coast. 22 Apr. 2008. Web., Cartoon Artist Page
Image 14:  Young, Alisha. Listen to Your Mother (earth): Don’t Smoke. Digital image. EarthFirst. Web.
Image 15:  Santoso, Alex. Keep the Beach Clean Ads. Digital image. Neatorama. 26 Oct. 2006. Web.
Image 16:  URGENT: WHO WANTS TO BE A PC? PETITION DEADLINE LOOMS.*. Digital image. PCDP: Pima County Democratic Party. Web. *Post at
Image 17:  SDCC. Keep Our Beaches Clean. Digital image*. Stonehaven and District Community Council. 18 Mar. 2015. Web. *Image’s text was created with .
Image 19:  AVCI, Emrah. Vector – Smoking Ban Cartoon with an Angry Cigarette Mascot. Digital image. 123RF. Web.
Image 20:  Heimer, Taryn Kiekow. Los Angeles Kids Send a Message to the World: Clean Up Our Ocean! Digital image. Switchboard: National Resources Defense Council Staff Blog. 15 May 2014. Web.
Image 21:  Castañeda, Diane. High School Student Get Together for a Beach Clean Up and Friendly Surf Contest at Their Local MPA! Digital image. WildCoast: CostaSalvaje. 11 Dec. 2012. Web.
Image 22:  Kitsteiner, John. Who Is in Charge of Permaculture? Digital image. Temperate Climate: Permaculture. 7 Feb. 2014. Web.
Image 23:  Reitan, Cheryl. Brighton Beach Cleanup. Digital image. University of Minnesota Duluth. Web.
Image 24:  Carpenter, Susan. ENVIRONMENTAL NEWS FROM CALIFORNIA AND BEYOND. Digital image. Los Angelos Times. 1 June 2011. Web.
Image 25:  Moody, R. Norman. FLORIDA TODAY and KBB Join Efforts to Bash Trash. Digital image. Florida Today. 4 June 2015. Web.
Image 26:  Gibbons, Julle. Beach Recycling Bins. Digital image. Flickr. 19 June 2010. Web.
Image 27:  Keep Me Trash Free*. Digital image. Yale Club of Silicon Valley. Web. *Event Posting.
Image 28: Captured by Sara M. Gross, Group Leader.
Video Clip 1&2: Captured by Jonathan Birchfield, Script Writer.

Best Regards,

A. Shaw


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