Poems Update

Dear Readers,

I’d like to point out that I potentially had a little too much fun reciting and recording such of my personal poems I’ve written over the years, so I have a couple posts more than the assignment my professor had assigned to make. Unfortunately (or at least in my opinion), I wish I had a deeper voice for the majority of them to make them sound convincing, but nevertheless I hope you enjoy them!


A. Shaw


2 thoughts on “Poems Update

  1. You don’t sound unconvincing at all; you sound earnest and immersed. It’s almost universal to dislike the quality of one’s own voice in recordings, it seems. And while I’m enjoying these recordings, a video reading would be pretty spectacular — facial expression lends so much.


    1. I learned to grow to like my own voice over time, even sing in front of friends when I felt I was able to control my voice well enough. My hangup here was I did not think I had the vocal pitch to sound more appealing for the part, but I did feel comfortable in my dictations and tone of voice.


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