Poem – Paint a Portrait [Blog Entry]

Paint a Portrait

By Andrew “Andeh” C. Shaw

What is a feeling that explains this view?

How can you explain this, is this true?


I am falling, falling for you

A veil is lifted and I hope it’s anew

Paint a portrait above the clouds.

If I really want it, I will scream it out loud.


I can feel beyond what one can feel

New to this world I believe it is real.


I am flying, in all that blue.

The sun is rising, I hope it brings you.

Paint a portrait bringing a sound

Showing the world that I am not bound.


Reading a letter that is unsigned,

Am I falling for no one, am I going blind?


I am living, living anew.

The air of spring morning, I smell it too.

Paint a portrait of a man astound

Artist’s best moment he’s ever found.


Paint me a portrait that shows me I am free,

I want to learn more about what I can be.


Paint me a portrait of a feeling that I seem to see.

Tell me this is real, and this life, is not a dream.


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