Poem – Mad God’s Drums [Blog Entry]

Mad God’s Drums

By Andrew “Andeh” C. Shaw

The clap and snap of the mad god’s drums,
Awake me with a shake through the cold and numb.
A drizzling moisture caresses my skin
As I choke on soil that raises above my chin.

The scrape and chime of a shovel’s grind
Grants the know that I am being buried alive.
No doubt I am the victim of this murder case
Of a madman with evil plans that we were on the chase.

It was like the coroner said, with Smith cold and dead,
The killer did not quite kill, but fed to dirt instead.
The impending doom that begins to loom
Over my head, if the inspector does not come soon.

Will he come to help me in my time of need,
For this does not fit the theory:
We thought he liked to target businessmen
Yet now he has me, the rookie, a young woman, 5’10”?

I reach up to climb, to live.
Towering above,
In the flash, I see him:
Shovel in hands gloved.
A risen weapon,
Soil is tossed aside
As his shovel was upon
Me in a single stride.

The clap and snap of my savior’s gun
Awakening my senses from being numb and stunned.
A warm drizzle I feel upon my face in the rain
As the inspector’s face appears,
I am saved from this game.

“Why was it so that I was wanted?” I asked my partner,
Rescued before I could drown and be next for the coroner.
This did not match the pattern at all,
I was not a business man more than six feet tall.

He replied: “It was never the money, power, or looks that were killed,
It was simply the fact that your mind was very skilled.
What he really wanted was me,
But it was you where he was impressed, truth be.”

The inspector knew the moment I saw that shimmer,
That the flash was a camera’s closing shutter.
When I mentioned this to the inspector one day,
He knew that this killer was coming my way.

The inspector rushed here, to save.
I did not show.
Missing work, it was grave:
In his heart he had known.
Lightning flashing;
Sirens blared as he drove.
To rush here without crashing
Before later my body was found cold.


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